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Tennis Trainer


The Tennis Trainer has a cord of 4.60-meter length, to which the ball is attached. This elastic cord can be stretched up to 15 meters. When the ball is hit, it will always return to be hit again. This makes it possible to practice different hits without having to get the balls back every time. The speed of hitting and the footwork can also be practised with help of the Tennis Trainer.

The base of the Tennis Trainer is a round disk that has a non-skid layer on the bottom. When it is placed on the ground, it won’t slide away during practice. The base can also be used to store the balls when not in use and to roll the cord around. The base weighs only 300 grams. All this makes the Tennis Trainer a compact device that is easy to store. HURRY! GET YOURS NOW!


  • Round base
  • Non-skid layer
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • 4.60 meters elastic cord
  • Up to 15 meters distance
  • One ball included

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