About us

CITY VIBEZ – Trendy just isn’t enough! Feel it! Look it! Be it!

Straight for the Miami shore to the vibrant New York City life and the all posh and luxuries Dubai has to offer – we’ve come a long way to offer, present and have the pleasure of entertaining our valued customers when and where they need anything at all. Listing and supporting a huge selection of items from everyday clothing to stylish and chic, from jewelry to the trendiest pieces and the like for both men and women to something for everyday use or to just place around your house to make it the perfect corner. We believe in choice, in its ability to make life just that bit easier and enable everything to come together. Which is why in that endeavor we aim towards representing the very best in human nature – the ability to please the eye and be aesthetically pleasing to all around us.

Bringing you a brimming selection of products and as such innumerable choices at City Vibez it’s really all about looking good and looking to the point – of course access of everything in our books is good which is why our professional team of buyers and the like work around the clock in order to keep everything up to date just for you. Similarly we have a team of dedicated sales staff who are always eager to please and answer any query you throw their way.

Above it all is our commitment to customer service, to us you are not just a customer but a valued part of the City Vibez family, and tend to take that relationship seriously. Knowing our customers, our clients is an important part of what we do, which is exactly why we appreciate your feedback where and when you can spare the time and preferably right after you’ve received your order.

Delivering to your doorstep seven days a week, all orders placed are packaged and sent out for as soon as possible. Similarly we have a returns policy in place which allows you to return you package within 7 of your receiving it, intact and in the marked bag sent along. We understand the concept of what makes life exciting which is why we’ve set timelines on returns if you are not happy with what you have received.

At City Vibez we are proud of what we are able to bring to your life, make you happier and your existence a fruitful one. Our business model reflects that very same philosophy and allows us to serve you best in every aspect of our dealing with you, however if you should face any issues with regards to your order or the like we aim at facilitating you to the fullest.

Thanks for visiting our website today, simply browse, click and order to receive your item. If you have any further questions or queries or are inquiring of an item you’ve placed an order for simply get in touch with us on the details mentioned on our Contact Us page.